Here's why you, the user, might be the weakest link to looking after your data online.

This is a tough pill to swallow, however one that we might need to come to terms with when taking accountability for making sure that our information is secure online. Let's take a look at why Software Platforms and Users (you) need to work as a team to combat security risks.

Here's why you, the user, might be the weakest link to looking after your data online.
Security can be a hard concept to grasp, particularly the intricacies of cybersecurity and how to protect your personal details online. This article will look at why in a lot of cases, the user (the person uploading their information to the internet, or you) is the weakest link and how software systems have tried to help the user be more responsible online.

First things first. What does a good security foundation entail?

A Good Security foundation requires the following:

  • An understanding of possible threats.
  • Constant attention to detail in order to recognise threats.
  • Understanding how to mitigate threats.

Security-related software components are crafted by teams of knowledgeable engineers who can put time into designing, implementing and testing secure systems that capture an understanding of threats and various mitigation techniques, and attention to detail largely comes down to constant monitoring, which the computers that run such software are highly capable of performing.

Let's go further.

As such, the software components of a secure system can be strong because they are created by those with strong knowledge and experience and executed by systems that operate with an extremely high degree of reliability and repeatability. The same three requirements exist for the human elements of a software system (e.g. users).

However, the significant majority of users will not (and naturally so) have the same degree of understanding and experience as those tasked with creating secure systems. Further, they tend to operate alone (for example, while an engineer will have their team review their work, a user is unlikely to have someone else check that they have chosen a strong password). Finally, the user’s ability to constantly monitor is limited and regularly compromised by distractions, information-overload, tiredness and other constraints of being biological beings living in a complex world.

As a result, the user is the weakest link in a secure system.

However, there is a way that the user (you) can become stronger. In fact, the LifeReady platform and brand has been created on the bedrock of security, with our patented client-side encryption technology KeyCrypt giving you complete control and privacy (and therefore, accountability) over the personal information that you store in your Vault.

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