Here is how you can quickly access your important information and documents within the platform

Planning for life administration is extremely crucial, yet the process can be challenging and daunting at times. From a will to property deeds and health records, it’s important to organise sensitive and relevant documents and information and share it with trusted advisors and loved ones.

Here is how you can quickly access your important information and documents within the platform
Organise financial, personal, legal, and other important documents to easily manage your end of life administration. Credits: Freepik

Whether you’re looking for your password or need to find your identity documents for registration purposes, there will be times when you will need to quickly locate an important document or information. By ensuring you have all your financial, identity, and other important documents organised in a safe and secure place, you can access your sensitive and relevant details quickly and easily without having to worry too much about finding them.

This is where LifeReady's record sharing and quick access come into place.

Our dedicated developers have made some improvements to the user interface to make it easier for you to organise and manage your important documents.

With this new interface, you can now view and organise your documents by simply filtering the categories within the Vault. You can view the full Vault and get a snapshot of all your documents and records that you have shared with your trusted parties.

Introducing our latest Release

Vault View

Looking for just your home documents or log-in details for a subscription site? Simply filter by different categories of records to quickly look for important documents and details. And if you have several financial or legal documents, you can directly access them within the relevant category as your information is divided into four major groups: Financial, Legal, Medical, and Personal.

Your records can be further categorized and sorted based on tags reducing the time spent looking for your sensitive details.

What else is new within the Vault?

The new interface also allows you to toggle between different pages and quickly access record details, contacts, and any shared documents. You can easily switch between different pages within the Vault and other sections of the platform.

And you can view your Vault on your mobile using the web app to make it easier for you to upload images onto your Vault and save them in a new or existing record.

Shared Records

Sharing your important documents and information has never been easier!

You can keep track of all your shared records and information within the new Sharing section of the platform. From your legal documents to your legacy plan, any information you have shared with your trusted parties or has been shared with you can be easily accessed in the shared area.

And just like the Vault, you can filter documents and records by trusted parties with whom you have shared your information.

Is there anything else?

Yes, you can now switch to a different theme within the platform.

You have the option to change between light mode and dark mode at any time. To change the theme, you can simply access it at the top right section of your platform and toggle between the dark and light theme.

LifeReady's platform allows you to easily manage your life administration with just a few simple steps and ensures your loved ones have access to your most important information in case of an emergency.

Sign up for our 30-day free trial today and explore the platform to see just how safe and secure your important information is. And don’t worry, you don’t need to input your card details, you can easily sign up with just your email.

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