Is the Coronavirus Pandemic the universal trigger we need to get our life affairs in order?

COVID-19 has shaken the world up in many ways. Little did we know that entering into 2020 would also mean being forced into lockdown, social distancing measures and a new way of working.

Is the Coronavirus Pandemic the universal trigger we need to get our life affairs in order?

Suddenly, we are all living with the uncertainty of transmitting catching a life threatening virus, with no vaccine. What would happen to our loved ones if we did?  

As we head into 2021, we cannot help but take with us the impact of the global coronavirus pandemic and the daily changes that it has enforced on our lives. From individuals to families and organisations, the universal trigger has been pulled on the urgency of locating, accessing and storing critical data and information. Procrastination has become the enemy.

The urgent need to access information

As we collectively tackle the consequences of a virus that has injected a good dose of uncertainty in our lives, the need for the organisation of our personal affairs has been dialled up a notch. In fact, life administration is fast becoming an area that is a necessity not a nice-to-have. The very real scenario of having contracted COVID-19, self-isolation and health impact to yourself or those around you means that access to critical documents, whether they be medical, financial, legal or other personal digital accounts becomes imperative. Our information has no value, and can make no difference, if our loved ones do not have access to it when they need it the most.

In fact, the need to access critical documents, whether it be your Life Insurance Policy, Will, Social Media Account details or Investment details and more importantly, securely share this information with loved ones has become the central point of ensuring that both life and end-of-life management is actionable, here and now.

"COVID was eye opening for many people to just how disorganised our lives are and how slow we can be to respond when something goes wrong. There has never been a more important time to get things in order as you just never know what is around the corner".

(CEO of LifeReady, Nathan Linney-Barber)

LifeReady will get your Life Organised

Organisations and individuals alike are now forced to re-think their end of life planning and life management as a necessary part of self-care and overall, business health for employees. The need to have your affairs in order and easily accessible, yet secure, has created new avenues for innovation in technology platforms, such as LifeReady, who’s aim is to help individuals declutter their lives by allowing for a centralised and secure location for their most important life documents.

A key feature of the LifeReady platform is the ability to share critical information with loved ones or trusted advisors via a patented client-side encryption technology called KeyCrypt. This means that the sensitive information that you store in your Digital Vault is protected by maximum security technology coupled with security best practice guidance to ensure that you are not only able to share your information, but do so without the threat of data theft.

The LifeReady Digital Vault aims to be a complete life and end-of-life management platform whereby you are able to securely store, share and organise they key aspects of your life in one easy-to-access home, as well as pass it on to your loved ones and trusted advisors on a conditional basis (i.e. as and when you wish). This is particularly useful when covering off one-off communications with Trusted Advisors (e.g. tax statement with your Accountant) to sharing your Statement of Wishes with a loved one. The choice and permission level is totally up to you. LifeReady's Digital Vault features over 70+ relevant Records to fit the main life admin categories, a personal directory, real-time dark web monitoring, tailored legacy and much more.