If you need to obtain a death certificate, you might need to think about gathering the following information.

The death certificate is an essential document required for managing the legal and financial matters that follow the passing away of a loved one. These days, it is also needed for some social media companies (such as Twitter) to confirm the death of a person in order to remove their online profile.

If you need to obtain a death certificate, you might need to think about gathering the following information.
The sadness of a loved one passing away can often also come with great stress for those left behind, as we try to gather crucial information to carry out their wishes. This is perhaps one of the main pain points we saw that resulted in creating a secure digital Vault called LifeReady to help organise and easily share this information.

The death certificate is an official copy of the details of the passing away that is held by the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages. Its purpose is to prove death, especially in relation to various matters concerning legacy - i.e. financial, accessing pension benefits, life insurance claims etc.

You need the following information to obtain a death certificate (please note: this is usually only if no prepaid or pre-planned funeral arrangements have been made):

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Place of death (full address of hospital or residence)
  • Residential address
  • Occupation during working life
  • Place of birth (City and Country)
  • Marital status at time of death
  • All marriages (place of marriage; city, state & country, full name of spouse, age at the time of marriage)
  • Parents’ names and occupations, including mother’s maiden name
  • Children’s names, dates of birth and ages (if applicable)
  • Place of burial or cremation
  • Religion (if applicable)
  • Your relationship to the deceased

The following is an example of the form you will need to fill out when registering a death:

(Source: Births, Deaths and Marriages Victoria)

Please see the following in your State or Territory for more information:

VIC: https://www.bdm.vic.gov.au/contact-us

NT: https://nt.gov.au/law/bdm/register-a-death

NSW: https://www.nsw.gov.au/births-deaths-marriages

TAS: https://www.justice.tas.gov.au/bdm/register-death#Who needs to register a death

WA: https://www.wa.gov.au/service/justice/civil-law/apply-death-certificate#:~:text=The registration of all deaths,date of the funeral service.

SA: https://www.sa.gov.au/topics/family-and-community/births-deaths-and-marriages/when-someone-dies/register-a-death#:~:text=Related&text=When someone dies in South,fee to register a death.

QLD: https://www.qld.gov.au/law/births-deaths-marriages-and-divorces/deaths-wills-and-probate/registering-a-death

ACT: https://www.accesscanberra.act.gov.au/s/article/death-registration-tab-overview