Introducing four new permissions to securely share your records with Trusted Parties

Introducing four new permissions to securely share your records with Trusted Parties

As organised as we can be, unfortunately, we cannot evade the inevitable. Just as no one could have predicted the pandemic, we cannot predict our future. This is why it is essential to organize not just our present but also our future and by that, I mean end-of-life planning.

And even after we have organised all of our important documents and details, sharing it with our loved ones and trusted members is crucial to ensure they have everything in case of an unexpected situation like a sudden illness or accident.

This is where LifeReady’s Record Sharing feature comes in!

What exactly is it?

With this new update, you can not only share your important documents and details with your Trusted Parties, but you can also control the level of access given to them. Whether you just want to share your Will with your Executor or give access to your spouse to update your home insurance details, you can always manage the record settings and can change or remove them at any time.

How does it work?

You can either share individual records or share the entire tag meaning all records underneath will be shared automatically so you can directly share your legal documents with your lawyer or home information with your family and children.

When you add a Trusted Party for the first time nothing is shared by default so you can ensure they only get access to the things you select.

Your Trusted Parties can either have Edit permission to make changes to records for you or View permission allowing them to see without changing the contents. Any records you have marked as Confidential will never be shared with anyone. You can also explicitly deny a record from being viewed or accessed by your Trusted Party even if you have shared the Tag assigned to it.

Why does it matter?

Sharing your documents and records allows your loved ones and trusted members to have access to your important details in the event of an emergency. Instead of worrying about updating your legal, financial document, you can simply give your Lawyer or your Partner access to the records to ensure they are always updated, without missing any information.

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