If you have ever wondered just how secure your information is, then you need to read this.

The rapid use of technology over the years has meant that we are at constant risk of exposing our most sensitive information to anyone over the internet, especially criminals (hackers) who can use our details to negatively impact our daily lives.

If you have ever wondered just how secure your information is, then you need to read this.
Data breaches have exposed almost 4.1 billion personal records containing sensitive data in 2019 alone, and this number is only expected to rise - exponentially. (Source: QuickView Data Breach Report).

The global pandemic has impacted all of us in 2020 and continues to do so as we enter 2021, with the ever growing reliance on technology and online presence due to many businesses being forced to move to remote (or online) work and study. Social distancing measures have introduced a new way of living, throwing individuals into communication with everyday necessities (like banks, digital accounts, life management) through the black mirror. Organisations have been forced to keep up with technology and pivot their operations to meet this demand.

Global connectivity, the dependence on technology and the increased use of cloud services to store sensitive data and personal information have grown exponentially. In the same breadth, cybersecurity risk and data breaches have seen a dramatic rise.

What does this mean, exactly?

To put it simply: security. Now more than ever, security is having its time in the spotlight and only the toughest (platforms, technology and organisations) will survive. It's a mindset, one that requires belief and action in order to protect against [very real] threats.

Why is security important?

Let’s think about it for a moment.

All of our important information is stored online or in some capacity is linked with a digital presence. Personally identifiable information and critical data such as medical, legal, financial and intellectual property is stored in some way digitally for convenience and ease of access (as it should). This data needs to be protected at all costs.

The use of technology is so deeply embedded in our personal and organisational eco-systems that it is highly unlikely that this trend will change any time soon - and nor should it. In fact, the efficiency and organisation that comes with using effective tools such as cloud storage services have fuelled business growth for the better and provided a way to store our information in a much more reliable manner than in an old shoe-box or filing cabinet.

‍Whether you are an individual or a business, security is of the utmost importance. The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other similar laws mean that Cybersecurity is no longer something that businesses of any size can ignore. Security incidents affect organisations of all sizes and cause irreversible reputational damage. Furthermore, and on a personal level, the theft of sensitive information could drastically change a life in a matter of a few minutes (i.e. losing a lifetime of savings for a house or millions of dollars worth of investment profits).

LifeReady holds the Key.

We take security very seriously at LifeReady. So much so, that we have come up with a solution using our patented client-side encryption model, called KeyCrypt, to create a Digital Vault that securely stores your most crucial and sensitive life information on a platform so secure, that even we cannot access. Your data is not only kept safe in a Vault (literally), it is protected with maximum level security prompted by layering access methods and end-to-end privacy.

We can guarantee that it is only you who can see the personal information that you upload (and those whom you have provided permission of course).

Learn more about how we protect your data.

Not sure what encryption means? We explain the basics here.

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