Sharing your personal information with your loved ones and trusted advisors has never been more secure.

Having the ability to share your important life information with our loved ones or trusted advisors is imperative amidst the uncertain circumstances that surround us. This is why LifeReady has developed an innovative sharing functionality that allows you to bring in the closest people in your life.

Sharing your personal information with your loved ones and trusted advisors has never been more secure.

One of the most crucial parts of the LifeReady platform is the functionality that we have built surrounding sharing your information with loved ones and trusted advisers over a totally secure platform, should the unexpected occur or should you need to share sensitive information without worrying about information being breached (as opposed to via an email server for instance).

Who are Trusted Parties?

Trusted Parties can range from loved ones (spouse, sibling, child, close friend) to Professional Advisors (Lawyers, Accountants and Executors). As well as having access to your Records if something happens to you, these people can also help to recover your account if you forget your password and act on your behalf in the case of an emergency.

How does Trusted Party functionality work?

When you add a Trusted Party to your LifeReady Account, we will send them an email inviting your Trusted Party to join the LifeReady platform. You will be notified as soon as your Trusted Party has created their account. Once this has been completed, you can simply choose what Records you would like to share with them.

Note: We suggest that once your Trusted Party has created their account, that you personally contact them to verify that they have actually performed this activity before giving them access.

At a minimum, we would suggest having at least 2 Trusted Parties which will allow you to set up your account recovery and your Legacy. And remember, you have full control over what each Trusted Party has access to and can change/update and even remove these details as often as you like.

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