Easily organise all of your important contacts in one place with your Personal Directory.

To help you with efficiently sharing your crucial life documents with those who matter, LifeReady has introduced the Contact Book to make sure you have access to details of the most important people in your life, in one easy-to-locate and secure home.

Easily organise all of your important contacts in one place with your Personal Directory.
With one of the main premises of the LifeReady Digital Vault being the ability to easily (and securely) share your life and end-of-life documents over a secure platform, the team has developed an easy way to store all of your important contacts in one place.

Gone are the old address books of the ages, or scrolling on your iPhone to locate contact details of your Accountant or Lawyer whilst trying to organise your Will and Tax Information. The ‘My Contact Book’ functionality on the LifeReady Vault allows you to create and add contact details for you to access whenever (and wherever) you like. From here, you can then invite contacts to access specific areas of your Vault based on the permissions that you set-up (also known as Trusted Parties).

How is this helpful?

By organising all of your contacts in your LifeReady Vault, across a secure platform (i.e. no details of your contacts will be breached, as it is protected by KeyCrypt) you are able to keep track of all of your important connections, and easily share crucial life information with those you trust the most - without having to leave the LifeReady Platform. That’s a win.

We have broken down the types of contacts you can add to your Contact Book as follows:

  • Trusted Party (Professional): Your professional and/or business contacts that may handle your legal and financial affairs. These may include your Lawyer/Solicitor, Accountant, Financial Advisor, Business Partner, Electrician, Plumber etc.
  • Trusted Party (Personal): Your loved ones and trusted advisors. These contacts are usually made up of your family and/or close friends who form a close circle of people that you trust the most, and who’s lives may be affected by your information. For instance, your spouse, child, sibling, parent or close friend.
  • General Contact: Someone who’s information you would like to keep in your Vault, however not a person with whom you would like to share access to information with. These may include an Emergency Contact, Next of Kin, School Principal, GP or other general contacts.

You can also use the Contact Book to show you who has sent you an invitation to become a Trusted Party for their Records, as well as the Trusted Party invites that you have sent out.

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