Effortlessly organise your Digital Vault using our new and improved Record storing functionality.

If you're familiar with the LifeReady platform, then you know that My Vault is the home of the LifeReady ecosystem. Our new release allows you to store and categorise your Records using coloured labels for efficiency.

Effortlessly organise your Digital Vault using our new and improved Record storing functionality.
Gone are the days of keeping these stored under the bed in a shoe box, in a filing cabinet in the garage or dispersed across multiple applications or Excel spreadsheets on your computer.

The average person has a tonne of Records that span across their life. From medical, financial, legal and personal documentation, the list is endless. LifeReady's Digital Vault allows you to neatly and securely store all of your important information in one easy-to-access home, commonly knows as My Vault.

Release 1.0 brings with it a few enhancements to My Vault, making it an easier and we hope, enjoyable, experience.

The following features are now up and running:

View all Records

You can now see your entire catalogue of records from the Vault home page. This means, you no longer have to drill down into each pillar to see what Records you have uploaded – you can simply access them from the front page of the Vault.

We have also added a global search function, which allows you to search and locate the Record that you are looking for by simply typing in a few letters on the Record. This means that you can quickly and efficiently locate the Record you’re looking for in a few seconds!

Coloured Tagging

To add a bit of colour and easier navigation to the Vault, we have added coloured tags to represent each Category to make organising your Records more efficiently.

For example, your Bank Account Record will be tagged with a Lilac colour to indicate that it belongs to the Financial category, your Health Insurance Policy will be green to indicate it is in the Medical Folder and so forth. We have also added an icon corresponding to the appropriate Pillar or Category (Financial, Medial, Legal and Personal) at the start of each Record for easier categorisation.

How will this help?

Organisation, organisation, organisation. Life management is crucial in this day and age, and even more so applicable in a world where uncertainty plays a key role. This is why it is imperative to have your life information organised efficiently so that it can be accessed by you or your Trusted Parties when needed. My Vault and the new Record functionality allows you to effortlessly search for the Record you need and easily categorise your Records for optimal organisation. Our pre-filled Record suggestions and templates will help you to fill in the information that you need. No more having to rummage through files on the your computer or in your cabinet.

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