Data storage with space for a lifetime

Data storage has evolved over the years from floppy disk to USB, becoming increasingly smaller in size and providing more storage. This article takes a byte out of data storage and puts gigabytes and other units of measurements into perspective.

Data storage with space for a lifetime
Evolution of Data Storage

As the lines continue to blur between our personal lives and digital presence, it's becoming increasingly important to store your digital information safely. But how much data storage space is filled by the critical documents, sensitive information, photos, and videos that have filled your life memories all these years? Without further ado, let's sink our teeth into data storage.

Data storage units of measurement

Wondering what all the bits and bobs and bytes are about? Don't know your megabytes from your gigabytes or terabytes? Don't worry; the below table breaks common data units of measurements into byte-sized pieces.



Storage capacity



1 or 0



8 bits



1,024 bytes



1,024 kilobytes



1,024 megabytes



1,024 gigabytes

The above table shows a handful of the standard units used to measure data storage. These units incrementally increase right up to a yottabyte, which is a quadrillion gigabytes! However, most commercially available options are limited to terabyte-level data storage.

Bits and bytes are still challenging to conceptualise, so let's now evaluate data storage in more pragmatic terms.

How much storage is 1GB?

Are you wondering if a gig is big? Let's first consider the basics, starting with the itty-bitty bit. As shown in the above table, a bit is the smallest unit of data measurement and can only store one binary digit – either a 1 or 0. Moving up, a byte is 8 bits and can hold a character of text. Larger still is a kilobyte and it takes approximately 10 kilobytes to store one page of basic text. With a megabyte, you could hold a book of around 400 pages, and 5MB would store your favourite MP3 song.

To help visualise storage capacity, 1GB (or 1,024 MB) is equal to:

·       1 pickup truck filled with books

·       250 downloaded MP3 songs

·       250 10-megapixel photos

·       50,000 standard emails without file attachments

With technological advancements, it's common to purchase commercial storage options measured in terabytes (1,024 gigabytes). Tera originates from the Greek word for monster, and options offering terabytes worth of storage are adding up to a monster amount of digital space for an average user. In more concrete terms, one terabyte equates to 130,000 digital photos or 500 hours of HD videos.

When data storage matters most

Understanding how much space you have available to store documents or files on your computer or external memory is essential. Over a lifetime, we make countless memories and often attempt to capture the moment in photographs and videos. From first breaths and first steps to a day's last light and holiday flights – we have the technology at our fingertips to document every precious moment.

As we move through life, we also collect many titles and responsibilities and all the documentation and records associated with these roles. Gone are the days of the humble shoe-box of records beneath the bed.

We live in an increasingly globalised world where many of us regularly upgrade phones and computers, and other storage options. So, where do you currently store your life administration? Are your essential personal records and cherished memories stored in a secure, central platform?

LifeReady's proprietary encryption, KeyCrypt, provides maximum protection against cyber-security threats while giving you ownership and control of your personal data. LifeReady gives you and your loved ones peace of mind with the knowledge your critical documents are securely stored and can be managed by or shared with trusted advisors at end of your journey.

With LifeReady, you can easily manage your life administration and "digital afterlife" by storing your sensitive and significant information with end-to-end privacy and security. Our digital vaults give you 20GB of storage (picture 20 pickup trucks) for your necessary personal information, photos, and memories.

We may reduce data to bits, but that doesn't mean you should reduce your capacity to collect memories or compromise on the integrity of their storage.  LifeReady is the life management tool securely storing the beautiful complexity of your life administration and providing certainty when it's time to enact your legacy.

It's never too soon to be LifeReady. Contact our friendly team today to learn more.

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