Create and share your Legacy with loved ones in a few easy steps using LifeReady.

Making sure that your end-of-life information is available to be shared with your loved ones and trusted advisors easily and efficiently is crucial. This is why LifeReady has created My Legacy, where you can ensure those closest to you are prepared for when the unexpected happens.

Create and share your Legacy with loved ones in a few easy steps using LifeReady.

As a SaaS business with a purpose, we are dedicated to building a complete life management platform that allows for you to not only manage your daily important life information, but also to your end-of-life affairs. With the last year seeing the world tangled in a global pandemic, the uncertainty of life has become even more of a reality as people start to recognise the imperative nature of getting their life affairs in order. This is where LifeReady comes in to ensure that you and your loved ones are ready. Gone are the days of several hours and wasted dollars spent on your executor or family members searching for your information after you pass away, LifeReady's My Legacy functionality will help you to create, organise and share your requests and wishes in a few easy steps.  

The following new features outline the My Legacy functionality where you can effortlessly and efficiently organise your end-of-life documents over our secure KeyCrypt protected platform (read more about our patented technology here).

Create My Legacy

This functionality will allow you to organise relevant end-of-life documents, securely share specific documents with Trusted Parties, add specific instructions per Record to ensure your wishes are carried out exactly as you intend and create a personalised Statement of Wishes. Simply add relevant Records, such as your Will and Testament or Power of Attorney to your Vault, and these will be automatically added to your Legacy.

Assigning Trusted Parties

One of the key features of the LifeReady platform is the ability to easily and securely share your important information with loved ones and trusted parties - especially when the unexpected happens or end-of-life draws closer. This feature will take the stress out of an already difficult time. Thus, by assigning Trusted Parties to your Legacy you activate this functionality to easily enable your Trusted Parties access your end-of-life documents. Simply find the Trusted Parties that you wish to add to your Legacy using the search feature and add a minimum of 2 Trusted Parties who you wish to action your specific requests.

Recommended Records

Get started with creating your Legacy easily! We have provided you with Records that we recommend you add to your Legacy in order to help best prepare your loved ones and trusted advisors with end-of-life arrangements. Our knowledge base and LifeReady consultants are always available to assist you with further understanding of the documents that you may need.

Add Record Instructions

Let your loved ones know exactly how to handle your Records, how you would like them to execute your wishes or any messages you would like them to have when you're no longer here. The Record instruction functionality allows you to add specific instructions to each Record that you add to your Legacy.

Statement of Wishes

The Statement of Wishes is a flexible, non-binding document that can be sent to your Executors to administer your Estate, and inform your loved ones of your wishes. Simply create your Statement of Wishes in just a couple of easy steps, and add/edit/change this as often as you would like.

How will My Legacy help?

By creating your Legacy on LifeReady, you not only reap the benefits of life organisation over the most secure platform, you are able to prevent unnecessary stress for your loved ones and trusted advisors after you pass away. Often we forget how important it is to organise our assets for our loved ones, or document how we want our affairs to be handled before it's too late. On a more sentimental note, leaving messages to those special to you or wishes for how you would like your life to be represented is an opportunity to leave a mark on the world. LifeReady's My Legacy gives you the functionality to create and organise away.

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