Here is why you need two-factor authentication to protect your online identity.

With the majority of hacking breaches occurring due to weak or stolen passwords, two-factor authentication is more important than ever. This added layer of security helps to protect the common individual from data and identity theft, and helps to counter cyber threats.

Here is why you need two-factor authentication to protect your online identity.

The ever-growing reliance on technology for our daily lives is not going any where, any time soon. And for good reason. Technology has solved many of life's inconveniences, allowed us to streamline our days, connect with loved ones on the other side of the world, create more employment, do our work remotely and store our data and sensitive information in the cloud (much more economical than an old shoe-box or filing cabinet, one would argue). However, this ever-growing reliance for technology also brings its shadow side; the threat of data breaches, criminal activity (hackers) and cybersecurity threats.

Enter: Two-Factor Authentication.

Firstly, we are not saying that two-factor authentication is THE solution. However, it is certainly the first step in ensuring that your data is protected, and, we would highly recommend you indulge.

What is Two-Factor Authentication?

Authentication is the process of proving one’s identity – usually by providing evidence in the form of pieces of information (each referred to as a factor) known only to the user, and in some form, to the service with which the user is authenticating. The most common first factor, and often the only factor present is the password. To improve security, we can use a second factor – which is usually an independent piece of evidence.


  • The password is the first factor (the user knows).
  • The second-factor is often tied to what the user possesses, such as their phone, which either receives (e.g. via SMS or authentication app) or generates a unique code to enter in addition to the password.

Why is Two-Factor crucial?

  1. Passwords can be easily hacked. Most of us do not follow the recommended password rules when we create an online account, and computer hackers can pick up on the intricacies with regards to your personal information and online behaviour which can mean that they can easily figure out a password.
  2. An extra layer of real-time protection. With two-factor authentication, you ensure that it is only you that is logging in to your account, and this can be verified by you receiving a code as a second step after entering your password. This will also help the platform that you are using to confirm your identity to put aside the risk of foul play.
  3. Your sensitive data should not be easily accessible. Similar to keeping money in a safety deposit box, stored within a vault, your most sensitive data deserves to have extra layers of security on it for peace of mind.

We believe in two-factor authentication here at LifeReady, so much so, that in order to set-up your Digital Vault, you must first complete the required steps in the Security Centre (of which two-factor authentication is necessary) so that your Security Health Status is up to it's optimal rate. Help us, help you, protect your data.

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